Investment Management

We offer private wealth management to individuals and their families. We take a long term approach to investing and we believe this gives us an advantage in a world where markets and media are increasingly focused on short term news.

We aim to empower your money and build long term relationships offering support throughout the generations.

We focus on providing a personal service where and provide a direct relationship with their private wealth manager.

Blenheim Global Assets’ approach to private wealth management combines traditional core beliefs backed by modern thinking and technology with a keen eye over the long term. Consistency counts! That’s why we take a long term view, and give our clients the confidence that their wealth is being carefully and expertly managed.

Our private wealth management reflects the diverse and unique risk profiles and objectives of our clients. Through detailed understanding of your financial needs and objectives, we can construct bespoke tailored solutions.

At Blenheim Global Assets, we believe that no two individuals have the same attitude, or ability to take on risk. Our private wealth management is designed to help each client achieve their investment objectives efficiently and effectively, whilst focused on delivering the highest levels of service.

Your investment strategy
The outset for every new client is understanding what you wish to achieve with your wealth. We will take into account a range of factors, such as your attitude to risk, whether you need income or capital growth, or both, your family circumstances and your inheritance plans.

Private wealth management is constructed to best meet the needs of our clients, based on the information that they have provided and their specific investment needs and risk tolerances. The asset allocation strategy for your portfolio is tailored for you.

Blenheim Global Assets will keep you up to date with portfolio composition and performance through detailed reports. We will carry out a full review with you at least once a year depending on your needs. Our contact with you will be driven by your wishes and requirements, through a dedicated private wealth manager.