Empower Your Money to Work Harder

Are you getting the most from your money? Is it just sitting in a bank account or are you investing it yourself?
Interest rates on bank & savings accounts are currently at historic lows, so investing could help more with long-term financial goals and it doesn’t have to be complicated Blenheim Global Assets make investing easy.

If you are looking to build reserves for a rainy day over the medium to long term you should consider making the leap to investing.

We all endeavor and put some money aside. Some may be saving for a specific goal, like a dream holiday or new car; others are just building up a nest egg. Whatever it is – it’s worth making sure that your money works as hard as you do.

Many people use bank accounts. When you save in a bank account you’ll normally know how much you’ll get. And if you keep putting money in, the amount in your account won’t go down.

As inflation is currently much higher than the interest rates being offered on bank accounts and savings you could be devaluing your money over the medium to long term. With inflation running at 2.9% (as at August 2017) the best savings accounts currently yield only around 2%.

To get a potentially above-inflation return one way is by putting money into investment assets. This could include assets like:

  • stocks and shares
  • bonds from governments and corporations
  • commodities such as gold or oil
  • commercial and other investment properties.

You should consider investing your money rather than leaving it in the bank. Savings have the advantage of being dependable and predictable, but in the medium to long term investing your money in assets has the potential to offer a better return and protect your spending power.

With precise focus on client needs & objectives as well as capital preservation, Blenheim Global Assets provide investment expertise on bespoke solutions and a client focused approach to diverse portfolio management. Our investment ensures tailored solutions with powerful results to empower your money.